Apple IPhone website clone


April 1, 2024

Description: The website clone of the iPhone 15 Pro leverages a cutting-edge tech stack to offer users a highly immersive and secure experience.

Tech Stack Used: React, Tailwind CSS, Three.js, GSAP, Clerk, Vercel


  • React: Powers dynamic and responsive user interfaces.
  • Tailwind CSS: Provides efficient styling for a clean and minimalist design.

3D Experience:

  • Three.js: Incorporates interactive 3D models of the iPhone 15 Pro for detailed exploration.


  • GSAP (GreenSock Animation Platform): Creates smooth and engaging animations, enhancing user interaction.


  • Clerk: Enables full authentication via phone number, Google, GitHub, Facebook, and email, ensuring a secure login process.


  • Vercel: Ensures high performance and scalability, offering users a fast and reliable browsing experience.
This comprehensive combination delivers a visually appealing interface, seamless authentication workflows, and engaging 3D interactions, making it a standout clone of the iPhone 15 Pro.

Here are some images of my project


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