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March 30, 2024

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# PreetierTheme

Welcome to PreetierTheme, a custom Visual Studio Code theme extension designed to enhance your coding experience. This theme is meticulously crafted with a focus on readability, aesthetics, and ease of use, ensuring that you can stay focused and productive while coding.

## Installation

To install PreetierTheme, follow these steps:

1. Launch Visual Studio Code.

2. Go to the Extensions view by clicking on the Extensions icon in the Activity Bar on the side of the window or by pressing `Ctrl+Shift+X`.

3. Search for "PreetierTheme" in the Extensions view search box.

4. Click on the Install button for the PreetierTheme extension by Sidak Vats.

5. Once installed, you can activate the theme by going to `File > Preferences > Color Theme` and selecting "PreetierTheme" from the dropdown menu.

## Features

- Readable Syntax Highlighting: Enjoy a color scheme that makes your code easy on the eyes, improving readability and reducing eye strain during long coding sessions.

- Focused Design: The theme is designed to highlight important code elements while maintaining a clean and uncluttered appearance, helping you focus on your code's logic.

- Consistent UI Elements: Visual Studio Code's user interface elements are harmonized with the theme's color palette, providing a seamless and immersive coding environment.

## Customization

PreetierTheme also provides customization options to tailor the theme to your preferences:

1. Go to `File > Preferences > Settings` or press `Ctrl+,` to open the Settings.

2. Search for "PreetierTheme" in the search bar to find related customization options.

3. Modify settings such as font styles, background colors, and more to suit your coding style.

## Feedback and Support

We value your feedback! If you encounter any issues, have suggestions, or want to contribute to the PreetierTheme project, please visit my [GitHub Account]( and create an issue or pull request.

For support or questions, you can reach out to me at

Happy coding with PreetierTheme! 🎨✨

Sidak Vats

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